Friday, January 4, 2008

Packing List for Tour d'Afrique

Ok-I know this is a little anal and usually I am not an anal person but I got the idea from Joachim Loeffel, another participant of the tour. Just in case you wanted to know exactly what I am bringing, here is the list. I followed the guidelines set by the tour in terms of how many shirts to bring along with pants, socks, bike clothing, etc. Where I took some personal freedom is what type of toiletries, first aid, and electronic gadgets to bring. And, of course, I chose what brands of clothing to bring. This may help you in planning your own expedition or it might not but I thought, what the heck, why not post it!

Travel Clothing: clothing packed in Eagle Sport travel packs to keep things separated (i.e. all non-bike clothing in one pack; all bike shorts and jerseys in another pack)
1 fleece jacket: Red Rose jacket
1 long sleeve shirt-pink; from the Sol umbra company; treated to 45 spf
1 long North Face Convertible Pants (I have hiked in these repeatedly) Kinda ugly but functional
4 t-shirts-white, off-white or pink
2 pairs of board shorts
6 pairs of underwear
5 pairs of socks-mostly smartwool cycling socks (keeps you cool and prevents smell)
1 sarong (doubles as a towel, beach towel, skirt, and sleepwear)
1 bra
1 pair of running shoes (Asics Gel Kayano)
1 pair of sandals-Orange Keen sandals
1 pair of thermal underwear (top and pants)
1 Headsweats hat with neck protector
1 Solumbra wide-brimmed hat

Biking Clothing
5 pairs of bike shorts-1 Nike, 1 $100 pair of Pearl Izumi, 1 $100 pair of Descente, 1 Cannondale, and 1 cheaper pair of Pearl Izumi
4 Sports Bras (2 Adidas, 1 Isis, 1 Under Armour)
1 pair of Nike cycling shoes (new but very comfortable)
1 Pink Helmet –a Giro Pneumo
1 long sleeve Icebreaker Biking Jersey
3 short sleeve biking jerseys-1 NCMC, 1 Pink Specialized, 1 Lt. Blue Pearl Izumi
1 Short Sleeve Ultralite 150 G/M2
1 pair of sweet Specialized Glasses (I can’t remember the kind but the lenses adjust according to the dark or light)
1 pair of awesome blue Oakleys-I can’t remember the exact kind either
1 pair large short biking gloves (Cannondale)
1 pair Louis Garneau full-fingered gloves
1 yellow Novara light jacket with zip off sleeves
2 ponchos in case of rain
1 pair leg warmers
1 pair of Specialized arm warmers

1 large pack towel
1 small pack towel specifically for face
4 bungee cords
1 pair of Velcro straps
Assorted batteries for camera, head lamp,
3 small journals that my friend Shanna gave me
Assorted pencils for children-200 or so
2 pencils
2 pens
Lonely Planet Guide to Africa-published 2007
A Biography of the Continent of Africa-by John Reader
Small Arabic Phrasebook-Lonely Planet
1 Tikka Petzl Headlamp
1 70 liter waterproof North Face Duffel (very good quality)
1 medium size REI waterproof duffel-4270 cubic inches
2 hydroseal pack sacks 6 litres, and 9.6 litres
Mini-sewing kit
Several large and small Ziploc bags

Nutrition for biking
9 Cliff Shots
3 Recoverite Packs
3 Perpeteum Packs
Fish Oil Gel Caps
Mito Caps-40 caps
Premium Insurance Caps-100 caps

Alien Multi-tool for bike repairs
4 Bike Tire Levers
Small knife
Chain Tool
1 swiss army knife

Dana Alpha Smart Neo-full-size keyboard to be used as my journal
Vio-sport helmet camera P.O.V. 1
Classic 80 GB Ipod
Sony Earphones
1 Sunlinq 12 Volt Solar Charger
Kodak EasyShare Z885 8.1 mega pixels camera
16 2 Gig Memory Cards
2 1 Gig Memory Cards

Camping Gear
Sierra Designs Orion AST Two-person tent with footprint
Thermarest ProLite 4 Regular
Icicle Creek Sleeping (15 degrees Fahrenheit) bag with medium Granite Gear pack compressor
Silk Bag liner-mummy size
1 spork, 1 double-walled titanium mug, 1 titanium bowl-all
Repair kits for thermarest and tent
Rope + clothes pegs to dry clothing
Duct tape

Bike Gear
Rear Bike Mount
Arkel Tailwind Bike Bag
Wet lube
Chain brush
Bike computer
Extra Bike computer + assorted batteries
5m Bike Lock
4 White Water Bottles with covered tops to protect the spigot from sand and mud
Jansport 3 litre hydration system-also doubling as my daypack and pack I am bringing on the plane

Malarone Malaria Tablets
2 Chamois Butter tubes; 1 Beljum Budder 8 oz.
1 Dr. Bronner’s soap
5 Hand Sanitizer Sprays
1 Cutter Advanced Bug Spray; 1 Jungle Juice Insect Repellant 2 fl. oz.
1 Crystal Roll-On Deodorant; Crystal Stick Body Deodorant (very small)
6 Hair ties
1 Trowel
1 pack Olay Daily Facials Express wet cleansing cloths
1 toothbrush
2 small tubes of toothpaste
1 floss
1 eyeliners
1 pack of tissue
3 stridex face wipes
1 nail clipper
30 tampons
1 tweezer
3 spf 15 lip protector
1 pocket soap (individual leaves of dried soap)
1 razor blade with 3 blades
1 small case of 30 Q-tips
1 4 oz of Mandarin and Myrrh Body Powder to put on top of chamois cream
Sunscreen: Solumbra Active 30 SPF, 3 fl. oz. ; 1 REI 50 SPF 8 fl. Oz.; 2 Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, 3 fl. oz.; Hempz SPF 30 4.5 fl oz.; Dermatone SPF 45+ 2.5 fl.oz.; 1 small REI 50 spf, 1.5 fl.oz. goes in my bike bag
Moisturizer: 2 SPF 30 Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer; 1 SPF 45 Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer
1 Pantene Frizz Control Shampoo and 1 Pantene Frizz Control Conditioner
1 Bb Leave-in Conditioner
1 Dove Ultimate Clear Anti-perspirant
1 tinted lip balm
Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother, 6 fl oz
Lollia Relax Hand Creme

First Aid
One tube of Electrolyte Replacement Tablets
1 small tube of Gold Bond Powder
1 hydrocortisone cream
Pepto Bismal Tablets
2 instant cold packs
4 Slaonpas-Hot Capsicum patch for backache, strains, sprains
28 pills of Cipro (for infection and diarrhea)
1 Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment
Tiger Balm
Assorted of blister remedies
Small flashlight
Alka-seltzer cold medicine

Spare Bike Parts
Assorted nuts and bolts
2 chain rings (small and middle chain ring)
3 chains
6 patch kits
13 spare tubes
Spokes for Mavic Tires
Brake and shift cables
Cable housing
3 sets of tires: 1 Continental Explorer Protection 2.25 x 26; 1 Continental; 1 Michelin 26 x 2.0; 1 set of slicks, 26 x 1.75-I can’t remember the exact brand
1 WTB Speed She Saddle
2 sets of brake pads
Collar and clamp for seat post
Seat Post
1 Cassette
Assorted spare parts that Jeff Nofts gave me free: derailleur (front and back), sprocket, etc.

Bike for the tour
2000 HomeGrown Schwinn-it was top of the line at one point
Mostly Shimano XT components
XTR Rear Derailleur
Mavic Cross-Max Wheels
Ergon Handle Bars
RX Women’s Specific Seat RX-922L
Time Clipless Pedals (I love them!)
Rock Shox Judy Fork


TPW said...

Godspeed Kerri! You Go Girl!

Anonymous said...

You did it!! I can't believe you fit all that stuff in your pack!! I've been thinking of you all day... you are probably in Amsterdam learning Arabic by now. Take care of yourself, my friend. Hope your next adventure can include me!! May the force be with you.....

Tanya said...

Hey Chica,

Comprehensive beyond belief! But where's the chocolate??

Anonymous said...

You didn't pack a babushka!

sandman49686 said...

Hey Kerri

I'm excited for you.. I wish you some smoother road ahead, and a Kinder, gentler seat. I wish you the experience of a life time.. Very proud of you!! -Your cousin Scott from TC/Bellingham WA.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keri, this is Ruedi (former R&T Barista and NCMC Alum). Wow! Congrats and what an opportunity. Africa is sweet. I have been to some of the areas you will pass through. It is beautiful there, but as I'm sure the State Dept. has already told you, be cautious, ok? I'm in Kuwait now myself, as I have just finished my time here, and am on my way back to the States. (Live on the East coast now). Good luck, Kerri, and "assalam-alakum"!

Simon said...

I'm doing the Tour d'Afrique in 2009 and found this list really useful, so thanks very much :)
I also enjoyed the rest of your blog.

Elsa said...

Very interesting outdoor gear lists!! Thanks for sharing.......