Monday, January 21, 2008

Leaving for Sudan

Ring, riinngg! "Who's calling me so early this morning?" I thought to myself as I answered the phone at 7 am this morning.
"MOM, mom, it's Kerri", was the reply I heard on the other end. Needless to say I was no longer grumpy at being awakened out of a deep sleep! "I'm on a boat and we're on our way to Sudan, the Wadi Halfa entrance from Lake Nasser." She proceeded to tell me that she and the other bicyclists had climbed up a hill to the Aswan Dam Ferry Boat, climbed aboard and watched as all 70 of their bikes were loaded onto the top of the boat. She said it was completed with much organized chaos. Sudanese people were everywhere playing card games and/or using their iPods. She, happily, explained that she was able to have a room on the boat, as the "younger" bikers were to sleep on deck. This is really important as the trip takes between 18 and 24 hours!
Once they get into Sudan, they will be without having the luxury of internet cafes, and so will not be able to post a blog for a week or two. So, she asked her mother if I would post a blog for her! I'm not as eloquent as she is in describing her adventures, but I said yes. And just as I began to take notes, the phone call dropped! So this is all of the news I have. She did mention that she's doing well, having fun, enduring the daily aches and pains, and having some discomfort on her right foot due to a "bunion" of some sort. But is checking with the nurse for help in curing that ailment! (yea!! they have a nurse--oops, that's the mother coming out in me!)
Thanks for all of her friends and family support. I enjoy reading your comments just as much as I expect she does! Pray she stays strong.
Mom Fin
(alias Sue Finlayson)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom Fin. Any word about the "adventurer" is welcomed - whether in the first, second or whatever person.

Kevin said...

Hi Kerri,

Keep on rockin! Love the pic's, especially the sphinx , now I'm envious :)

Ouch about the bunion, sonds rough; may you never run out of lotion or people to rub your feet!

Take Care,

Qwy-jib0 said...

Nice to meet you Mom Fin; and I look forward to meet your daughter in Kenya! This is soooo then I imagine and hope the bunion issue will be long forgotten. Until then, I'm training to keep up with your daughter and the rest of the team.

stacey said...

Kerri you ROCK!!Keep up the good work and know you are in our thoughts! We love you!!!
Jimmy and Stacey

Chris Cerrudo said...

Nice job on this one, Sue! We'll have you blogging on your own travels in no time!

Take care!

Chris Cerrudo

Nicole said...

Hey PHX mom (and Kerri when you read this)!

I think you did a great job posting on her blog!!! I am enjoying the updates and can't wait to see all of the photos that going along with it, while enjoying lots of WINE in Cape Town!!!! go girl!!! I am so proud of you!!!!

With lots of love,

Andrea said...

Thanks for the update! It's good to know she's still going strong-- I wouldn't expect anything less. Give her our love!

Anonymous said...

Kerri & Mom Finlay - Thanks so much for the updates. Love the pictures, stories (always a good story with Ker) and even history lessons along the way. Here's a story, so I'm waiting for a meeting and I'm looking at a map of the world. My co-worker comes up and apologies for being late. I say, I'm tracking your tour in Africa. Needless to say I have 4 young guys surround me in no time! I tell them about all your adventures I think you may have a date when you come back... ha ha ha!
Some updates from Michigan... 3 inches of snow on the ground, Miss Michigan from your hometown is Miss America (Tracey, sorry to beat us to this) and my boy Tom Brady is playing against Amani Toomer's Giants next Super Bowl Sunday! Go BLUE! Stay in touch and stay safe and healthy - FRO