Sunday, January 6, 2008

Donations for the Tour d'Afrique Foundation

Yeah! I achieved my goal of raising enough money to buy 30 bikes for African health care workers! Thank you family and friends for helping me out with this endeavor! I am so happy to be able to give something back to the people whose lands I will bike through.

To recap, this means that 30 health care workers will receive bikes that will allow them to reach rural malarial and AIDS victims that otherwise wouldn’t have received treatment. I appreciate your contribution that potentially creates a huge difference in the lives of one of the poorest peoples of this continent. Who knows if our donations will help one person become healthy enough to invent something that would increase agricultural yields, or promote peace among ethnic groups that are in conflict, or help to dismantle slum areas. All because of the aid from a health care worker that is able to reach them by a bike provided by your donation!

In case anyone who is reading this wants to "buy a bike" for an African health care worker, please go to

It costs $100 to buy a bike but you don't have to donate the whole $100 in order to help! Even buying a 1/4 of a bike would be great!


Andrea said...

I'm glad you were able to raise so much in such a short time period! I miss you already, but I look forward to your next post. The blog looks great! Good luck and stay saddle-safe : )

Angie Bradley said...


I hope you arrived safely in Cairo. You will be in my thoughts daily! Remember rule #1 while you are in Africa.

BE SAFE & RIDE STRONG my friend!!
Hakuna Matada,