Sunday, January 6, 2008

Going to Cairo...

I have a few last minute things to do before my flight leaves from Traverse City, MI to Detroit, to Amsterdam, lay-over in Amsterdam for 9 hours (hope to spend time in a NW lounge learning a little Arabic via my iPod lessons and all my electronic gadgets - helmet cam, AlphaSmart Neo, etc.-bad girl...I didn't practice before I left!), and then onto Cairo where I arrive at 2:15 AM. I don't really like the idea of arriving all by myself that late but I do have an airport pick-up! I'll have bike in tow, 2 70 litre duffel bags and my Jansport 3 litre hydration unit. I will manage!

I am getting very excited now. Last night my parents and I watched J.J. Hilsinger's DVD that he made of his 2005 Tour d'Afrique expedition. It is filled with pictures he took of the trip mostly from the seat of his bicycle. He overlaid his voice during the entrance to each country giving an overview of what to expect of the roads, the people, and the scenery. African music played throughout. It was a fun, exciting, and also a little nerve-wracking overview of what to expect on this biking adventure!

Bon Voyage!

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Mamma Donna said...

Dearest Kerri,
Ron and I have thought of you so often and were thrilled to get your blog! We hope you will think of our humor and fabulous words of wizdom as you tackle this adventure. We (your surrogate parents) enjoyed every minute that you stayed with us while you trained and researched your information while in Ann Arbor. God Speed and Smile!
Mamma Donna and Papa Ron