Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Zambezi Zone-April 4th-15th

Welcome to Zambia!!!! Zambia is the home of one of the world's most famous tourist spots: Victoria Falls. It is also a country that full of vast bush, a first world capital city, and friendly people. We also endured some of our longest consecutive riding days: 100 miles for 4 days in a row. Talk about tired legs! We were rewarded though by reaching Livingston which is the town that Victoria Falls is located in. Thankfully we had two full rest days in which to enjoy the falls and high adrenaline activities (many people went bungie jumping although I just watched!) and to recover!
I would say this about Zambia and riding: it is an extremely beautiful country in which to bicycle through and it offers you challenges. While seeing lush green desolate hills punctuated only occasionally by small villages, you have to work your way up and then up and then up some more to have a breather downhill. It is quite worth it though. The people are nice and seem genuinely interested in what we are doing. Occasionally you see cows, goats, and farmland. Mostly, you see bush. One of our riders, John Bell, lived in Zambia about 40 years ago and was anxious to get back and see what had changed. He was surprised and delighted to see that the bush was deforested! Some things do take a long time to change!
A couple of other things to explain. Tere are lots of dead snakes on the road. Hmmm...and we go to the bathroom in the bush? Also, baboons are everywhere along the walking trails in Vic Falls. My friend and fellow rider, Johanneke (from Holland) and I even got to see a couple of baboons mating! Wow! like 5 feet in front of us! Gross! Definitely put Zambia on your list of places to travel. However, I would warn you about one thing: it is pricey! Almost western prices!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!
But where's pics of the baboons mating??? Ha ha
- Fro

Anonymous said...

Lusaka is no first world city.
why do people lie about africa ??
Maybe people dont want to see the truth under the false smiles of corruption, poverty and STD's.
Maybe people want someplace exotic to talk about to there friends. Without telling them that the people of Africa. Only the rich get to play and go on vacations, like Vic Falls. Rich white people paying $25,000 ti kill elephants. Most Africans are lucky to have food, shelter and clean water.

Anonymous said...

In response to the anonymous comment above I have to say that in light of all the NEGATIVE we hear about Africa, how wonderful to hear about the positive aspects. Who are you to blame someone of lying? This is a firsthand account from a bicycle. Perhaps there is something to be said about a culture that finds it in their heart to smile despite the conditions they live in. Don't get me wrong, I agree with some of what your saying but this site is not a place for your comments.