Friday, November 9, 2007



Anonymous said...

There is a little old lady who rides her bike up and down, back and forth, around and around the streets of this little lakeside town. Some people call her "Pedalin' Patti". Others call her "Bikin' Betty". I always get a kick when I see Patti or Betty coasting in her warm weather pedal- pushers or her cold weather babushka. Her devotion to the spinning wheels is relentless.

I will get a kick from reading your blog as you coast and struggle from coast to coast of the dark continent.

I have recently read stories of women's solo voyages at sea....MAIDEN VOYAGE and I'VE BEEN AROUND by Tania Aebi....RETURN TO THE WAKE by Cathy Hawkins. I enjoyed these adventures as I sat cozy in a comfy chair sipping hot tea. Perhaps you will write a book for me to enjoy from my sedantary spot. Perhaps you will inspire me to take to the streets with Patti and Betty!

Also, while sitting in my comfy chair, under an afghan, I have watched the Discovery Channel air a program about climbing Everest. The only woman in the cast of real characters was the base camp physician. Perhaps you and your posse of woman explorers will take on Everest...and reach the summit. Something to think about!

Kickin' Kerri,
Good Luck and strength be with you as you travel across Africa.

bob said...

kerri. i just found your blog by accident. once again i am very proud of you and the interesting things you are doing. you are a real credit to ncmc. di you ever get that house all fixed up? if you ever get bored my e-mail is its nice and sunny in ft. myers fl. haven't seen snow in five yrs!!!!!